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"An Injury to one is an Injury to all"

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin......

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Administration’s Postal Reform Act of 2014
[Darryl Issa’s Latest Attack on Postal Workers]

APWU News Bulletin April 29, 2014

APWU News Bulletin May 1 2014

Letter to PTF's from President Mark Dimondstein

On Thursday, March 13, President Obama directed the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to revise overtime pay rules that currently allow
businesses to deny overtime for millions of workers. To assist the DOL in its effort, the AFL-CIO is seeking stories from workers that
demonstrate the importance of overtime pay for working families and highlight the need for reform of overtime rules. 
While many postal employees have benefited from the hard-won right of overtime pay, millions of Americans have been denied overtime pay
and are being left unprotected because of the erosion of overtime pay rules under the Bush era.  Currently, federal law exempts employers
from federal requirements to pay overtime to workers who make more than $455 — or $23,660 per year.  That is ridiculously low!
It is barely above the federal poverty level for a family of four.  If the purposed changes are adopted, employees in many industries
are expected to be impacted, including: retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, information technology and financial services.
Share your story representing the importance overtime pay for workers and help the DOL expand this right!
A template describing the types of stories and types of information being sought is HERE.
If are aware of any stories that fit the bill, they could be a tremendous help. 
Please return any story forms to Kelly Ross, Deputy Policy Director at the AFL-CIO,

Operation Stand Down RI - Thank You Letter

Dimondstein MOU PSE Conversion Update April 19 2014

USPS, APWU Reach agreement on filling residual Vacancies

Filling of Residual Vacancies

Amendment to Rhode Island State Constitution and By-Laws

FERS Annuity Supplement

 CA-7/20 Claim for Compensation

PSE Rights and Benefits

Das Award on Allowing OTDL Employees on Penalty Overtime to be Priority-Scheduled over Casuals

Das Award — PSEs in Clerk Complement for Lead Clerks

Global Settlement Update

Letter from Greg Bell

November 16, 2013 Pay Raise

Dodd Frank POS Compliance

Non-career CCA doing Distribution work

Clerks in Small Offices to Receive Back Pay If Supervisors Worked in Excess of Contractual Limits

PSE Discipline MOU

Feb 2013 Letter from Guffey to Members
Feb 2013 Letter from Guffey to Employees

Greater Providence NARFE Chapter 0116 March 2013 Newsletter

Auxiliary Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team

2013 New England Multi States Convention
Flyer and Schedule                 

APW-ABA 2013 Scholarship Application is available here, the  Deadline is May, 15, 2013, this is to say, the APW-ABA must receive your Scholarship Application by the May 15, 2013 deadline. So Don't procrastinate get you Application Sent in today

Rhode Island State APWU Members at Large, enter to win a Convention Registration which includes, registration to convention, Room for Two and meals for one; click here for details

National President Cliff Guffey has asked that read his letter then print out, fill in and send out those letters to your respective Representatives in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C., you also see the address's of where to send those completed letters..

Class action Hubbard Settlement for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

"It has been long hard struggle; six years to be exact. I am finally able to report to you that the ABA appears to be headed down a new path. A path that brings it back to it's core mission, providing APWU members with help in time of personal injury; and not a personal get rich, or retirement system for those who administer the plan. In discussions with the new Executive Director, Dave Daniels, it was agreed that the ABA may be in posture for a benefit increase sometime in the near future. Of course this is all predicated on the ABA financials over the next couple of years, but Dave seems committed to that ideal.

Please read the financial statement provided by Dave, you can see how the ABA was a get rich personal retirement plan for past Postal Retirees who administered the ABA. It is unfortunate that the Retirement Plan Debacle also exists at the National APWU as well. This crap only happens because we APWU members let it happen. The APWU is no different that any other Political entity, it can only get away with what we the members (voters) let them get away with. Don't be scared speak out, and don't live by the Axiom that "The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't". Use your brains when voting, remember what we have been told by these APWU elected officials when they are campaigning , but don't forget what you've seen them do either"..........
James Ozanian/President

Greater Providence NARFE Chapter 0116
September 2012 Newsletter John E O'Hara

September 8 2012 Sunshine Committee Raffle

John McKitchen-Rack of Rib Eyes
Richard Blackmere-Assorted Meat Basket
Kathy Robidoux-Liqour Basket
Joan DiSanto-Gift Card Basket

The Lucky Winners of The Sunshine Committee Raffle
drawn at the APWU Picnic Saturday July 14 2012

First 50' LCD TV was won by Melissa Pitacco PSE
Second 50” LCD TV was won by Kathy Clark FTR
Liquor Basket won by Rusty Hand FTR
Gift Card Basket won by Greg Sneed, Guest
Italian Basket won by Ann Marie Carlson FTR
Wine Basket won by Ronnie Sawyer FTR
Beer Basket won Fred Davis, FTR
Beach Basket won by Jim August FTR

An explanation of early out and buyouts

Postal and Labor Law Training Class

IBEW Local 99 Charity Golf Tournament

March 2012 Bostonian
A Must Read Article

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Congressional Information Center

Postal Service again eyes buyouts, early retirements

USPS Plans to Eliminate 155,000 Full-time Employees
283,000 Eligible For Retirement

"Don't buy into USPS Management's and Congress's bullshit"

Local 387 voted at its February 2012 meeting, an invite to all APWU members from Locals and Members at Large from within Rhode Island to attend the Locals March 2012 meeting(for date, time and address)go to . Anyone who wishes to attend the meeting must be an APWU member in good standing and present their APWU 2012 Union Card at the door for admittance to the meeting. There will also be a guest table set up for guests and they will have no voice or vote at the meeting until the meeting has adjourned. If they plan on attending we would like to know who is coming by having them send an e-mail to so we can plan accordingly for food after the meeting has adjourned.

CT Valley Reassignments


"U.S. Department of Labors, Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) re-emphasizes Injured workers rights to elect a provided and OWCP's sole right and authority to approve Treatments and Therapies not the Postal Services."  LINK


On January 14, 2012 a group of diverse individuals from the community of Grove Hall in Boston as well as from various Unions including the APWU protested the closing of the Grove Hall Post Office. Where were you APWU members? I counted between 70 and 80 attendees total from the community other Unions and the APWU. I would say that maybe, at best 15 to 20 APWU members showed up. You all should be ashamed of yourselves all of you who sat there wherever you where and said" someone else will go; there will be enough with out me i won't need to go". Well I hope other APWU members won't do the same thing when it comes time to close your job site.... And make no mistake it is coming to a PO like yours soon, if Postal management and some of those idiots in congress get their way and as long as they count on you all to let everybody else do you protesting for you....
Check out the pictures HERE

APWU Leadership Northeast Region;
The USPS is going to start a campaign to encourage our members to become Letter Carriers. They currently have a number of carrier vacancies that they would like to fill with our people. As you know if our people voluntarily transfer they start a new period of seniority, generally as a PTF carrier. If they are full time currently and they are excessed into the carrier craft they remain full time. With the proposal to go from 6 day to 5 day delivery currently being considered by Congress, I would discourage our members from volunteering to become carriers. The USPS says if they get 5 day delivery they can eliminate all their Q-2 positions and reduce the number of letter carriers significantly. This will lead to the junior carriers being excessed or perhaps laid off, if the USPS reduces of eliminates the layoff protection in their current round of bargaining with the NALC.  So caution your members accordingly.
John H. Dirzius
Northeast Region Coordinator
American Postal Workers Union
5 N. Village Ave. Suite 3
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

Who Will Suffer?

USPS Announces on Moratorium on closures

"All APWU members should read this letter from National APWU Treasurer Liz Powell. The automated phone system is nothing more than a way for our National Officers to put themselves further out of touch with the States, Locals and last but not least its Members. We should all write these out of touch Individuals and tell them we don't want their automated phone system. As it is now letters written go unanswered, what do think is going to happen when this automated phone system goes in, you will not get a response from National to the voice mail you leave. Why else would they want it?"

What documents and medical you will need to perfect certain types of Workers Compensation
claims for certain conditions under the "Federal Employees Compensation Act"

APWU News Bulletin 10/14/2011

A letter from Congressmen David Cicilline

National Day of Action Photos

National Day of Action Letter - September 27, 2011

APWU Position on bidding on NTFT jobs - September 2011

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